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Donair. (Aaron Mckenzie Fraser)

Donair. (Aaron Mckenzie Fraser)

The donair, adored by the East Coast, heads south

By: Maclean’s

On a recent Saturday afternoon, 200 Haligonians gathered downtown for a common interest: that absurdly tender kebab of ground beef dressed in a sweet, milky sauce called the donair that is the real last call after a night on any East Coast town. The first-ever Halifax Donair Crawl began at King of Donair, a franchise credited for inventing the signature snack, and continued for two hours until the sixth and final stop on “Pizza Corner”—the Halifax intersection that once featured three pizzerias and where one of the first wraps was sold, in 1973.

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Tony’s Meats goes national with Mr. Donair

By: The Reporter

Antigonish’s Tony’s Meats recently announced Mr. Donair will be available in every province, thanks to a new agreement with Giant Tiger.

“Their main retail base is Ontario and Quebec,” said Aaron Tingley, part owner and sales manager for Tony’s Meats.

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Tony’s Meats symbol of local business with longevity

By: The Casket

Local business longevity can be a rare entity but Tony’s Meats has got it.
The Antigonish business began in 1963 and after more than 50 years, they’re still going strong. Today, they process a number of brands, including a Nova Scotia favourite, Mr. Donair.

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Antigonish company says it’s time to capitalize on N.S. brand

By: The Chronicle Herald

Meat processor Tony’s Meats of Antigonish wants to put the made-in-Nova Scotia stamp on one of the province’s more notorious party foods — the donair — and go national with their brand.

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