Donair Meat Thumb

Mr. Donair – Donair Kit

These kits come with everything your customers need to enjoy
the original taste of Mr. Donair at home.

Donair Meat Thumb

Mr. Donair – Original Donair Meat

Take home an authentic maritime experience today! Our fully
cooked strips of donair meat boast “The Original” John K.
recipe packed with tons of flavour.

It can be conveniently incorporated into a traditional wrap,
or burger, or spice up your favourite poutine!

Just heat and serve and be sure to top your favourite dish with
the deliciously sweet and unique Mr. Donair Sauce.

Pizza Rounds-THUMB

Mr. Donair – Halifax Style Donair Meat

Looking for a new meal idea? Well how about bringing the
“The Original” donair experience to your next homemade
pizza, sub, or sandwich.

Pre-sliced in convenient portion
control sized rounds, you can be
enjoying this fully cooked topping in minutes.

Sauce Thumb

Mr. Donair Sauce

Sweet and tangy in nature, this thick sauce also boasts delicious
garlic overtones. Mr. Donair sauce is a must have for all your
donair dishes and an excellent dipping sauce for garlic fingers
or cheesy bread.